Brexit - Disasterous for Patients and Families                                              


Professor John Hardy, PhD, FMedSci, FRS
Professor of Neuroscience  UCL London



The predicted exodus of European doctors, nurses and care workers following Brexit will be disastrous for numerous patients and their families, according to a pioneering dementia scientist who was on Tuesday named as a joint recipient of the world’s most prestigious prize in neuroscience.


Prof. John Hardy, of University College London, described the UK leaving the EU as an “unmitigated disaster for science and an unmitigated disaster for the health service”,  adding that he planned to donate some of his prize money to the Anti-Brexit campaign group Best for Britain.



Prof Hardy stated that NHS services have already been left “close to collapse” because, as the number of patients with dementia in the UK has risen to nearly 1m, funding has not kept pace.


If healthcare professionals leave the UK in significant numbers the system will be placed under even more severe pressure, Prof. Hardy said.


“When you go around the hospitals, so many of the geriatricians and neurologists are Europeans, and the nurses and carers,”


“As a society we’re not doing very well, and the indications are we’re going to do even worse.”



Report precis from the Scientific Reports in The Guardian 6.3.2018


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