Dutch Survey (University of Groningen) into Quality of Life, Employment and Disability in Sjogrens Syndrome Patients.  

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Health-related quality of life, employment and disability in patients with Sjogren’s syndrome


Research Project by University of Groningen, Netherlands 


Petra M Meiners*1, Jiska M Meijer*1, James JR Huddleston Slater1,2, Fred KL Spijkervet1, Cees G M Kallenberg3, Arjan Vissink1, Hendrika Bootsma3

* These authors contributed equally to this paper



Abstract / Precis


Objective. To compare health-related quality of life (HR-QoL), employment and disabilityof primary (pSS) and secondary (sSS) Sj.gren’s syndrome (SS) patients with the general Dutch population.


Methods. HR-QoL, employment and disability were assessed in SS patients regularly attending the University Medical Center Groningen (n=235). HR-QoL, employment and disability were evaluated with the Short Form-36 questionnaire (SF-36) and an employment and disability questionnaire. 


Results were compared with Dutch population data

(matched for gender and age). Demographical and clinical data associated with HRQoL, employment and disability were assessed.


Results. Response rate was 83%. SS patients scored lower on HR-QoL than the general Dutch population. sSS patients scored lower on physical functioning, bodily pain and general health than pSS patients. 


Predictors for reduced HR-QoL were fatigue, tendomyalgia, articular involvement, use of artificial saliva, use of antidepressants, comorbidity,

male gender and eligibility for disability compensation (DC). Employment was lower and Disability Compensation  rates were higher in Sjogrens Syndrome patients compared with the overall Dutch population.



Conclusion. Sjogrens Syndrome has a large impact on HR-QoL, employment and disability.



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Departments of

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,

Oral Health Care and Clinical Epidemiology,

Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology,


University of Groningen, University Medical

Center Groningen, The Netherlands

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