Hylo Eyecare Products  - Chetan Patel

BSSA, Cambridge Support Group  Meeting,

11th December 2017


Chetan Patel from Scope came to demonstrate the hylo products.

He gave a full and informative talk about dry eyes with lots of samples to take away.


Main points:


Dry eyes is a lipid deficiency – often affected by some drugs, 

Modern influences can also affect dry eyes i.e laptops, mobiles, tv.,allergens

This eventually affect eyesight, can cause blepharitis.


He talked about his company’s products – a variety of drops.


Hylo drops attaches to the cornea and produces fluid in the eye. Any blinking will help to produce lipids and helps with protection


Hylo Scan – can be bought over the counter.  They last 6 months, 300 drops in each bottle and can be used as many times in a day to make eyes comfortable.


Hylo Fresh – for mild conditions


Hylo Tear – for moderate conditions


Hylo Forte – for severe conditions. Prescription only.

Each drop is metered so every drop is equal which he stressed as a very important feature. He went on to demonstrate squirting and application and the use of a complier.


Hylo Dual is for specific lipid deficiency.  Tests can be done by ophthalmologists  to determine level and type of deficiency.


Hylo Care can be used for injury to eye and is purely healing.


Blepharitus : is when the glands are blocked and an infection is caused in the eyelids. It is important to use good eye hygiene in conjunction with eye drops.  Heat masks can help by warming the glands and then the eye can be massage softly.


Night time treatment – Vitapos ointment can be used, once in the eye it changes to more liquid – unlike Lacri-lube.  Only very small amount is needed in the eye. This ointment is also preservative free so do not use after the 6th month date.


This was felt to be an informative talk which was appreciated by everyone, and all the samples and leaflets were very welcome.