Keeping a Healthy Mouth                     Fiona Ritchie



Speaker  - Fiona Ritchie, Keeping a Healthy Mouth

  • Dry mouth
    • this can exacerbated by some drugs and Fiona will send through a list of drugs that do cause this; as well as the effect of auto – immune syndromes.
    • accelerates the loss of teeth
    • there are varying products available to help obtained either by prescription or over the counter.
  • Cleaning teeth
    • Use toothpaste without SLS
    • Sensodyne pastes do not contain SLS but not all the tastes are ‘good’
    • Suggest that mouth is rinsed first and then clean teeth with dry brush and no water, using only a pea sized lump of paste.
    • Fiona provided some sample of alternative brushes, Moutheze, to use when mouth is sore.
    • Corsodyl mouth rinse or gel has very limited use.
    • Oralieve/corsodyl gel could be used and suggested that food flavourings can be added to help disguise or promote a better ‘flavour’ to promote usage.
    • Biotene  includes glycerine which encourages dryness, equally Vaseline use only protects skin and does not absorb into skin.  Oralieve would be a good substitute here.
    •  Oralieve for nightime use – with or without added flavouring.
  • Ulcers
  • Dentures
    • Dentipur is a good fixative for dentures.
    • Cleaning dentures need only be cleaned with toothpaste or just water.
    • DO NOT use Steradent.

A member of the group brought a new product recommended by dental hygienist, BioMin which Fiona will investigate but her first impressin was that as a toothpaste was not particularly good but may have other uses.

Fiona also briefly mentioned that it would help the dry mouth if it was kept ph neutral, particularly on a bad day of soreness and /or mouth ulcers. She will send through a list of foods that are ph neutral.