Some Self Help Tips





  •  Sugar  -  Shun it !!


  •  Use moisturising lipsticks with dry lips and mouth problems.


  •   Use lip balm on dry lips


  •   Avoid stress - easier said than done!


  •   Coffee and Alcohol also depletes the body of water, so not too much of it should be drunk,                      you can even out with water the next day.


  •   Thick beverages are also beneficial, such as Vegetable  Juices, Multivitamin Juices etc.


  •   Sugar-free Chewing Gum and Sugar Free Sweets  (i.e. Ricola) - stimulate saliva production.


  •  Avoid hot spices. 


  •   Treat sores in the mouth with mouthwashes quickly.


  •   Keep nasal passages free of blockages, too much air inhaled through the mouth dries out the mouth. 

         It is better not to free the nose by decongestant nasal drops, because the nose dries again quite  


         Brines and sea salt sprays are more suitable.


  •  Simple nasal solution  - mix a teaspoon of salt in a pint of distilled water.


  •  Avoid drafts, dry air, fumes, chemicals, dust and cigarette smoke.


  •  If you use humidifiers they must always be cleaned regularly; otherwise =  production of bacteria !!!

         Plants and water bowls are almost better.


  •  Drink plenty, at least 2 liters per day.


  •  Dental hygiene, an important and essential duty !!!!!!!





  • Avoid drafts, dry air, fumes, chemicals, dust and cigarette smoke.


  • If you use humidifiers this must always be cleaned regularly otherwise =   bacteria !!!

        Plants and water bowls are almost better. 


  •  Drink plenty, at least 2 liters per carry.


  • Use goggles while swimming and in windy weather.


  • Long periods working at the computer screen should be interrupted regularly,  the screen should be at eye level and does not increase, this promotes a faster flow of tear production.


  •  Hygiene regime is essential


  •  Regular eye doctor visits are very important, at least twice a year.


the above tips have been found on a variety of European based  Sjogrens Syndrome Web sites