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Sjogrens and Skin Care 


Prof. Volker Steinkraus from Hamburg gives practical tips on skin care for 

Sjogrens Patients. 

Prof. Volker Steinkraus is the head of Europe's largest dermatological practice.


Tandem therapy for dry skin 


Women especially suffer from dry skin, but also men are affected. However, men tend to neglect their skin care because they often perceive the procedure of creaming as unpleasant and annoying "smearing". Therefore, lotions and creams are suitable, which penetrate quickly into the skin.


Prof. Volker Steinkraus, founder and director of Dermatologikum Hamburg recommends uncomplicated "tandem therapy" to bring the skin back into balance. 


Dry skin needs to be treated - there is no alternative or "wait-and-see tactic": "Dehydration is a sign that the skin is out of balance. This is not a condition that should be tolerated over a longer period of time, "says Prof. Dr. med. med. Volker Steinkraus. The risk is often underestimated, because dry skin can develop unpleasant eczema. It is therefore important to take regular care to prevent dehydration. 


After the washing process, the skin must be greased again, because with the use of soap not only dirt but also valuable fats are washed out. 


Dry skin is not a women's problem: even men are affected by dry skin, but have a problem with proper care. "Men do not like sticky things. They hate to cream themselves and therefore do not  try to make the problem  better ", is the experience of Prof. Volker Steinkraus. 


But skin care does not have to be unpleasant: "tandem therapy" is the solution. 


The skin is creamed twice a day

"In the morning you apply a light cream that absorbs quickly and in the evening, the care may be more richly applied," said the head of Europe's largest dermatological practice. It is important that the cream contains moisturizing additives, such as glycerine and urea. 


Prof. Dr. med. Volker Steinkraus answers the five most important questions: 


1. How does dry skin develop? 

Dry skin can have many causes: cold, overheated rooms, frequent washing with soap, or a predisposition to atopic dermatitis can severely restrict the skin's own fat production. 


2. I have dry skin. Do I have to be treated? 

Absolutely. Only a doctor can rule out whether there could be treatable causes that are the cause of dry skin. 


3. What exactly is dehydration eczema? 

Desiccation eczema are unpleasant to painful inflammation of the uppermost layer of skin. Eczema is almost always a result of dry and untreated skin that has been out of balance. 


4. My skin itches. Why is that? 

One of the common causes of the annoying itching is dehydration. Itchy skin can also be an alarm signal for serious internal diseases. 


5. I want to have my skin treated, but I'm afraid of cortisone therapy. Which alternatives are there? 

The fear is unfounded, because the use of cortisone - if necessary at all - is today controlled with restraint and a sense of proportion. Dry skin must be treated with nourishing substances. Ideal for this is tandem therapy, which creams the skin twice a day. In the morning you wear a light cream, which absorbs quickly and in the evening, the care should be undertaken with a larger volume of cream 




The Dermatologikum Hamburg is one of Europe's largest specialized facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, with 300 to 400 treatments a day and 150 employees. The practice and day clinic for dermatology, allergology, operative and aesthetic dermatology, vascular surgery and dermatological laboratory diagnostics was founded in 1997 by Professor Dr. med. Volker Steinkraus founded. The Dermatologikum Hamburg is today run by him, Professor dr. Kristian Reich and his partners.The practice has its own Histology, Mycology and Bacteriology Laboratory and conducts its own clinical research to develop new therapies.


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