The Symptoms of Sjögrens Syndrome



The below examples are given in respect of problems that may occur within Sjögren's Syndrome patients. 


Please Note: These symptoms never occur all in one person simultaneously!  but often a selection of them can apply.   The list is not complete, as complaints and conditions may occur in Sjögren's Syndrome, which are not mentioned here.   It illustrates the complexity involved in managing the condition.


This page is based on research of Sjögren's Syndrome data available and published in the German language



  • Increased exposure to Allergies


  • Anorexia


  • Shortness of Breath and other Breathing Problems


  • Eyes:

       dry, itchy, aching, burning, red or watery eyes, foreign body sensation in the eyes, light sensitivity,        

       sensation of pressure or eye fatigue, adhesion of the eyelids on the eye during blinking, sticky      

       eyes in the morning when you wake up, little mucus in the eye, difficulty seeing ( poss. signs of

       keratoconjunctivitis sicca)


       Twitching of the eyelids

       yellowish eyes flicker or breakdown of seeing red (poss. Side effects of Quensyl® / Resochin®)



  • Stomach Pains


  • Frequent Mood Swings


  • Painful movement and significant restriction in movement


  • Flatulence


  • Bluish Discoloration and badly functioning of body parts (possible thrombosis).  Often appears after Cellulitis


  • Striking Bruising (poss. signs of vasculitis or bleeding disorders)


  • High or Low Blood Pressure


  • Burning sensation during Urination (poss. Signs of cystitis)


  • Bronchus / Lung Problems:

       dry cough (poss. Signs of bronchitis sicca)


  • Chest pains, tightness within the chest


  • Shortness of breath, dry cough, rapid heartbeat, edema (poss. Signs of pulmonary fibrosis)


  • Shortness of breath in the cold (poss. Signs of pulmonary Raynaud's syndrome)

       and fatigue (poss. Num. of anemia)


  • Mental Health

       emotional-motivational disorders (eg. as listlessness, frequent or unexplained mood swings,  

       dejection, irritability, anxiety, aggressiveness)


  • Vomiting


  • Miscarriages


  • Fever


  • Joint Pains


  • Joint Swelling


  • Loss of weight  (Unexplained)


  • Weight Gain  (Unexplained - Side effects of cortisone, Steroids etc)


  • Hair Loss (Signs of iron deficiency or a side effect of antimalarial drugs, immunosuppressants or cytotoxic drugs)


  • Skin or Mucosal bleeding  (no apparent cause, prolonged and enhanced coagulation even with small injuries - Bleeding disorders)


  • Dry Skin


  • Cardiac functions irregular, slow, fast or violent heartbeat rates.


  • Hip Pain


  • Bone Pain


  • Cognitive Disorders (e.g. difficulty concentrating, word finding difficulties, poor memory, confusion)


  • Congenital Heart block in children


  • Malaise


  • Tingling or Numbness of the limbs


  • Headache (also associated with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light (migraine)

       severe symptoms on one side of the body (laterality)


  • Inefficiency (compared to previous life experiences)


  • Medication / Drugs - incompatibilities


  • Fatigue  -  usually Chronic in nature



  • Mouth:

       dry mouth, dry cracked lips, mucosal lesions such. as vesicles or small ulcers on the lips, in the      

       mouth or the nose and throat, sticky saliva, dry tongue, burning or pain of the tongue, difficulty      

       speaking, reduction of smell and taste (all due to the dryness of the mucosa)


       Disappearance of tongue papillae (smooth red tongue) (possible sign of Sjogren's syndrome,

       scleroderma, celiac disease, niacin, vitamin B 12 or iron deficiency)


  • Muscle Aches


  • Muscle Weakness


  • Food Intolerances


  • Nose Problems:

       Dryness of the nose and throat,

       Scabs or crusts in the nose, slime in the nasopharyngeal space,

       Reduction of smell and taste, small reddish or bluish spots (vasculitic lesions) on fingers or         toes, 


  • Kidney Pain


  • Personality Disorders


  • Throat:

       Hoarseness, frequent throat clearing (poss. Signs of dryness or an increased mucus flow in the    

       throat area, both as a result of Sjögren's Syndrome),

       Painful dysphagia (poss. Signs of dryness of the esophagus as a result of Sjögren's syndrome or    



  • Hands and Feet

       White or blueing and becoming cold fingers or toes or hands and feet, also associated with pain

       (Raynaud's syndrome).  Also applies to the Feet (Includes loss of feeling causing balance




  • Increased need to Sleep


  • Chest Pain, tightness in the chest (e.g. -  as a sign of lung or heart problems)


  • Excessive Pain and Sensitivity to Touch  (possible signs of vasculitis)


  • Sweats  (Hot or Cold)


  • Swelling and pain on the side of the cheek or under the chin to the neck [ear] sialadenitis

       palpable lumps, e.g in the neck or in the armpits (possible lymph node swelling in the face and

       neck by salivary gland swelling)


  • Swelling of the Feet and / or Lower Leg and / or Eyelids and/or inner body due to Water Retention (edema)


  • Heaviness in the limbs          


  • Fatty Stools (poss. Signs of malabsorption)


  • Nausea


  • Urine:

       Foamy urine (poss. signs of protein in the urine), reddish discoloration of urine (poss. signs of    

       blood in the urine), strikingly low precipitation amount (urine) with normal fluid intake (all as poss.

       signs of renal involvement)


  • Vagina:

       vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse (poss. signs of vaginitis sicca)


  • Penis:

       Dryness, erectile disfunction



  • Increased Urination (poss. a side effect of cortisone and other medication)


  • Eye Problems encountered by sunlight and interior lighting


  • Constipation


  • Bloating


  • Alternating Pain at various points throughout the body, tingling or other sensations in the limbs and nausea, and in the form of paroxysmal pain and nausea; burning, drilling or stinging, punctate or widespread pain under the skin along the blood vessels (all as poss. Num. of vasculitis)


  • Wound Healing takes excessive time to repair